Friday, December 5, 2008

Halloween Cookies...

I made this for Nathan's Halloween celebration at school. Due to limited time and no Halloween cookie cutter, I had some idea to try the royal icing to Marie Regal biscuit. It turns out quite ok. Yes, don't look at the decoration. Still ver-very amateur. But, I also think it's a great idea for kids because this biscuit is nutritious (or the claim so...).
Here is Nathan in his prince costume. He won one of the best costume prizes. But, I think it's because I'm bringing cookies to school and participate in trick-or-treat session. Because lot of other kids wearing better costume than him. Teeheehee...."nyogok, euy"

And here is a picture of me & Mowmow (Tim) inside the dollhouse playhouse. Isn't he look cute and adorable?

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